Saturday, 5 April 2014


Saturday 5th April a.m.
 It was a dull morning when I arrived at Leeshaw without Danny, who was going to his
school Fair, temperature was 8.5°C. Nothing too exciting happening but good to see the
old favourites including Mipits,Lapwings,Oystercatcher,Pheasant,Curlew,Little Owl,
Pied & Grey Wags & Redshank.I did get a new tick for us at Leeshaw, as I was driving
along the track two Red-Legged Partridge were walking along in front of the car before
deciding to fly off. N.P.
morning Little Owl

Meadow Pipit


Pied Wag

Grey Wag


Little Owl in the usual spot

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  1. Nice shots there Nigel, always plenty to see at Leeshaw.