Saturday, 31 May 2014

Harold Park & Park Dam

Saturday 31st May a.m.
 A bright start to the day with a temperature of 15°C on our arrival at Harold Park,where we saw
most of the regular birds.These being Canadas,Coots,Moorhen,Mallards & GC Grebe, the latter
coming close for some decent snaps as it dived for food.It seemed to catch something that looked like a Crab but we were unsure what it had caught.Down the road at Park Dam it was good to see all seven Cygnets doing well & the two GC Grebe chicks.They kept their distance this morning so just managed
one distant snap.We had our attention diverted by several Common Blue Damselflies & got a couple of snaps.
Great Crested Grebe

GC Grebe with its catch of food

Mute Swans & their Cygnets

Common Blue Damselfly

male & female Common Blue Damselflies

Harold Park


  1. Great shots - again. The GCG with dinner is very interesting, I used to catch native crayfish there way back. That one is so big and black I'm backing it to be an invading American Crayfish.

  2. Thanks Nigel, we hadn't thought of Crayfish, maybe that's what holds them at Harold Park a good supply of food that only they are likely to eat.