Friday, 22 August 2014

A Day out at Flamingo Land

Friday 22nd August
 Making the most of the holidays & a dry day with some decent sunshine we set off to Flamingo
Land in North Yorkshire which is 70 miles away from home.This is a Theme Park with rides & it
also has a Zoo area which means there is plenty to do.The birds were of course of interest but
equally some of the worlds animals were good to see.I particularly liked the Red Panda & the
Tigers, there were three cubs in the enclosure with their mother, the Sumatran Tiger cubs were
born in March.The Meerkats were also good & the Baboons who also had some youngsters,here
are a few of the snaps we took.
Red Panda

Sumatran Tiger

Tiger Cub


White Rhino

Parent Baboon keeps a tight hold on the youngsters tail

Baby Baboon




Flamingos enjoying a drink

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