Sunday, 17 August 2014

Redcar Tarn

Sunday 17th August a.m.
 We went up to Redcar Tarn this morning where it was very windy we were nearly blown over
at one point.The sun was out & there was a temperature of 13°C, there were plenty Gulls, mainly
BH Gulls but also several LBB Gulls with a number of them being Juveniles.Plenty Mallards too &
Lapwings were sheltering on the island.Some of the Gulls were in the surrounding fields & it was
funny to watch them doing a little dance, we presumed it was to attract worms to the surface as they
stamped their feet.It was also good to see Swallows & Sand Martins over the water feeding & some
having a drink.Canadas were present with one of the highest counts we've seen here,there was also a
pair of Muscovy Ducks alongside several chicks, we weren't sure if they were theirs but no Mallards
were close by.
c75 - BH Gulls
65 - Canadas
15 - Coot
30 - Lapwing
10 - LBB Gull
c100 - Mallards
2 - Muscovy + chicks?
1 - Moorhen
5 - Pied Wags
c100 - Starling
6 - Sand Martin
10 - Swallow
Plus others
BH Gull


LBB 2nd Summer

LBB Gull Adult


Muscovys alongside some chicks



Pied Wagtail

Redcar Tarn 17/8/14


  1. The 2nd summer LBB looks good for GBB to me, did you get a size comparison.

  2. The 2nd summer bird was with BH Gulls so difficult to get a good idea of size.