Saturday, 9 August 2014

Knot to be Out Done

From Friday 8th August
 One of the birds we saw at Leighton Moss was a Knot which we have seen very little of in the
past.We were under the impression that it was a small bird of similar stature to the Dunlin, but
seeing it with this bird & Redshanks we could see it was clearly nearer in size to the bigger Redshanks.
Always learning with birding which is good although sometimes can be frustrating when you can't ID a
bird which can be difficult out in the field or sat looking through books.Here are a few more of our snaps
where comparisons can be made between the three species mentioned.



Redshanks keeping lookout

Knot & Redshank

Knot,Dunlin & Redshank 

Leighton Moss 8/8/2014

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