Saturday, 2 August 2014

Park Dam

Saturday 2nd August a.m.
 A poor day with dull overcast conditions this morning & a temperature of 16°C on our
arrival at Park Dam in the Southern area of Bradford.There were plenty House Sparrows
in the hedgerow as we made our way to the lake, we also counted 43 Canadas grazing in the
top field.On the water were Tufteds,Mallards,Coots,Moorhen & Great Crested Grebes, a
couple of them being Juveniles.We were also pleased to see Little Grebes, we counted 4 &
there was a Grey Heron on the banking.A Grey Wagtail made an appearance in the distance
& there were Swallows & House Martins over the water.The Canadas began to come on to the
water & then the two adult Mute Swans appeared.We were delighted to see the seven Cygnets
seen earlier in the year were with them all looking like healthy Juvs.A good session even though the
weather was a bit drab the birds made up for it.
Little Grebe

two little Grebes

Grey Heron

Grey Wagtail

GC Grebe Juv

Mute Swan Juv

Mute Swan & GC Grebe Juvs

Mute Swan with seven Cygnets at Park Dam 17/5/2014

Mute Swan with seven Juvs at Park Dam 2/8/2014

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