Friday, 23 January 2015

Damems Dipper

Friday 23rd January p.m.
 On my way home from Redcar Tarn I decided to go to the Damems area of Keighley where the River Worth has proved to be a good spot in the past.I parked up in our usual spot got out of the car & had a look over the wall at the River below seeing a Dipper on a rock in the middle.I stepped away while I sorted the camera out & then moved back to the wall ready for a picture, needless to say off it flew downstream.I headed after it but could not relocate it but had the bonus of a pair of Goosanders in the water.I went along the path heading upstream & found another Dipper some distance away this then moved downstream where I caught up with it & got my pictures.
 I headed home & in the Cullingworth fields area there had been muck spread on top of the snow which was attracting large numbers of Gulls & Corvids.

Dipper with white eye lids showing

female Goosander

male Goosander

Pair of Goosanders