Sunday, 4 January 2015

Harold Park

Sunday 4th January a.m.
 Another cold night with a sharp frost this morning as we headed for Harold Park where it was sunny on our arrival with a temperature of 0°C.As we entered the park there was a small flock of birds in the trees which included Blue,Long-tailed Tits & Chaffinch.The lake was full of birds with Cormorant,Gt Crested Grebe,Mute Swan & Tufted Duck among the other common species.In the trees at the edge off the lake were two Grey Herons ,some Gulls were at the corner of the lake where a section of the water was frozen over.We stood here for a while & saw two of the three GC Grebes approach us, they were not happy with the ice one of them testing it with its beak.They were close to us with the sun shining on them just right for anyone wanting a few snaps.Walking back into the other area of park we spotted a Collared Dove & a couple of Mistle Thrushes.The Blackbirds were lifting leaves on the ground looking for food,a Wren was spotted as we watched them, then several Redwings were also seen doing the same as the Blackbirds.A great hours birding here, so we decided to continue down the road at Park Dam, report to follow.
Great Crested Grebe

Harold Park List

BH & Common Gull

Grey Heron

Collared Dove

Mistle Thrush


Hard work getting a snap as dogs kept chasing the birds

Pair of Great Crested Grebe

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