Saturday, 10 January 2015

Lister Park

Saturday 10th January a.m.
 After a wild & stormy night the wind had eased a bit down at Lister Park in Bradford with some sunny spells & the occasional light shower of hail & a temperature of 5°C.There were good numbers of the usual common species on the lake, with the addition of three Mute Swans which is a first for us here.There was still a male Goosander present which we saw catch a fish, a LT Tit also posed long enough for a snap, a Dunnock was looking for seeds on the ground.We walked up to the wooded area of the Park adding Robin,Chaffinch & a couple of Redwings to our list, as usual there were also several Grey Squirrels about.
LT Tit

Lister Park List

Lt Tit posing for a few snaps for a change

male Goosander

Goosander with a fish

Mute Swan

Grey Squirrel



Mute Swans at Lister Park

Lister Park 10/1/2015

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