Sunday, 2 August 2015

Cullingworth to Hewenden

Sunday 2nd August a.m.
 A cloudy morning with a temperature of 10°C as we set off towards the Northern Trail which would take us to Hewenden Reservoir.It wasn't long after we had set off that rain started to fall we decided to push on although all the birds through the village seemed to be hiding in the trees out of the rain.Just one hardy Collared Dove was seen, as we were walking on the Northern Trail there was a right din as birds(still hidden) were going mad, then a flutter of wings & from the edge of the path off flew a Sparrowhawk with prey in its talons.We looked where it had been & saw a large number of feathers which had been plucked from its quarry,no chance of a picture as the camera was in its case keeping dry with the rain now quite heavy.We pushed on to the reservoir where we saw BH Gulls, Grey Wagtail,Grey Heron,Mallards,Canadas & a Mute Swan.Flying above were Swallows & passing the farm a mixture of Swallows & House Martins were on the overhead wires we counted over 100 with more House Martins over some trees.The rain eased slightly so we took a couple of snaps before putting it back in its case & heading home.
P.S. There are 12 Swifts still over the bottom side of the village.
House Martin

House Martin not too bothered about the rain

Some of the House Martins & Swallows on the wires

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