Sunday, 30 August 2015


Sunday 30thAugust a.m.
An overcast start to the morning but the sun was soon out as we headed out of the village in a different direction today.We went to the NW side which took us below Harden Moor, but we started along the bottom road in the direction of Harden seeing House Sparrow,House Martin,Goldfinch & Swallow.We took the footpath which takes us to a good spot for Warblers, great habitat with Thistles,Nettles,Brambles,Goorse & isolated trees.The only problem is spotting the birds with all this great cover for them.We didn't too too badly though starting with Robin,more Goldfinch,Wren,Blue & Great Tits,Blackcap & a couple of Flyover flocks of Canadas.Then just as we were leaving a couple of Willow Warblers low in the Brambles, we retraced our steps then onto the road & turning left up a steep path.As we went up we saw Canadas grazing in the field to our left,we later counted 101.At the top of the path there were Gulls in a recently manured field, we got the full fragrance at the top.The Gulls though heard us coming & moved to fields further away,when we got closer we estimated c200 BH Gulls & c250 LBB Gulls.
 Not much was seen along the path but heading back down Keighley Road a Pheasant was seen, we then took a path which took us toward the Lake at Ellar Carr Mills.A Grey Squirrel was on the path watching something & was slow to see us,then as it fled we looked to the bottom of the field seeing a Hare which was probably what the Squirrel was watching.At the Lake we added Coal Tit,Song Thrush,Moorhen & Grey Heron which rounded off the birding off nicely.
Grey Squirrel


Grey Heron


Distant Goldfinch


Goldfinch Juv

Willow Warbler

BH & LBB Gulls

LBB Gulls

Gulls disturbed

BH & LBB Gulls

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