Monday, 17 August 2015

Harden Moor

Monday 17th August a.m.
Another dull start to the day with a lot of cloud around & a temperature of 12°C, only a couple of Sand Martins were seen in the quarry & walking along the path a Green Woodpecker flew from behind a tree.We had a good walk round our usual area but it was quiet with just a couple of Robins & Blackbirds for company.As the sun came out though we began to see some more birds including Whitethroat,Willow Warbler,Kestrel & House Martins were over head.We decided to head off & as we went a call that we heard yesterday was coming from somewhere near. We began searching hoping to see the bird we saw yesterday then in a tree we spotted a male Redstart. It moved to a high branch out in the open & we were able to get some decent snaps.Then it moved back into the tree lower down, we moved round the other side where we were able to get closer & had a great view of the bird, yes & a few snaps too. We went off with a spring in our steps as a male Green Woodpecker flew past & landed on a distant rock for a quick snap.
male Redstart

male Green Woodpecker

Great to see & snap the male Redstart


  1. Nice juv Redstart, great shots, nice find for birthday boy today, Happy Birthday Daniel

  2. Thanks John, a real treat to see the Redstart on my Biirthday thanks Brian.