Saturday, 8 August 2015

Harden Moor

Saturday 8th August a.m.
 A cloudy start to the day which soon brightened up to warm sunshine, our start temperature was 12°C.Our first birds of the day were three Lesser Black-backed Gulls in a nearby field which was soon followed by a Kestrel hovering some distance away.Things were fairly quiet for a while with Sand Martins in the quarry & a few Mipits about.As the sun came out though so did the Warblers with several Willow Warblers seen along with Blackcap & Whitethroat.There were also several Blackcap Juveniles amongst the bracken & what we decided was a Whitethroat Juv.A Reed Bunting also posed briefly in the Bracken & behind us a yaffle & another brief view of a Green Woodpecker before it flew off in the distance.Overhead the Sand Martins were now flying round the moor joined by Swallows & also good to see a couple of late Swifts.A charm of c20 Goldfinch were flying around feeding on the Thistle seeds, & there were also several Linnets.
Willow Warbler

Willow Warbler

male Blackcap

Blackcap juv

Whitethroat Juv

Blackcap & Whitethroat Juvs

female Green Woodpecker

Reed Bunting




Harden Moor 8/8/15

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  1. Warblers will soon be gone now, good photos lads.