Monday, 19 October 2015

Keighley Reservoir

Monday 19th October p.m.
 With an afternoon to spare & some Autumn sunshine I decided to go to Keighley Reservoir for a change, here the temperature was 13°C.From the small area for parking things started well with a Little Owl on a distant fence post I  started up the small road the Owl moved to below the top of the wall for some cover.The road to the Reservoir is a mile or so all up hill so it took about 30mins, not too many birds were seen apart from Grouse & Pheasant a Kestrel flew over.When I got to the Reservoir it was very calm with no birds on the water, but I did spot a Wheatear. Further along I also spotted a couple of Stonechats Our first of the year.They were hard to pick out from the heather but one of them came to the edge of the Reservoir & joined the Wheatear.A Kestrel again flew past landing on the Dam wall but that was my lot apart from one thing I may get a chance to mention later.The weather was unusually calm these upland areas are normally cold & windy.The views were excellent though with Ferrybridge & Drax Power Stations visible in the distance.After getting some pictures I made my way down the narrow road past the lodge,much easier this way down the hill. As I approached the bottom I saw some birds in a tree as I moved nearer I could see Fieldfare our first for the season, soon after eleven flew off,also nine LT Tits past through..N.P.


Wheatear & Stonechat


Little Owl


Keighley Reservoir 19/10/15

Keighley Moor in the sunshine



  1. Nice Fieldfare, did well to get the Stonechat and Wheatear together

  2. Thanks Brian, I was pleased to see the Stonechat but getting it with the Wheatear was an added bonus.N.P.