Sunday, 11 October 2015

Park Dam

Sunday 11th October a.m.
Early morning mist again which slowly lifted although still gloomy during our visits to Harold Park & Park Dam with a temperature of 10°C.We just paid a brief visit to Harold Park where there was the usual selection of birds.
 We quickly moved the short distance to Park Dam where there was 90 Canadas grazing in the nearby field.The hedgerow held Blackbird,Blue & Great Tits,house Sparrow,Dunnock  & Wren, we moved towards the Lake where there was BH,Common & LBB Gulls,Coot,Cormorant,GC Grebe,Little Grebe, Mallard,Moorhen,Mute Swan & Tufted Duck.It was also good to catch up with the pair of Gadwall & Wigeon still here from last week.We decided to walk round the Lake to get a closer view of them & as we got nearer we could see some different Ducks with them.We couldn,t ID them but as we got nearer they lifted & as they flew we could see there were three Teal a first for us here. They landed after a circuit in the middle of the Lake but soon they were up again & off into the gloom in the distance & away not to be seen again.Anyway we were pleased to get our first record of them here which ended another morning out birding for us.
Great Crested Grebe

Little Grebe

Little Grebe & Coot

male Gadwall

female Gadwall

Pair of Gadwall


Record snap of three Teal

Was it something we said ?

Gadwall,Wigeon & GC Grebe

Mute Swans & others

Park Dam 11/10/2015

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