Saturday, 3 October 2015

Harold Park

Saturday 3rd October a.m.
 Another foggy start to the day as I made my way over to Harold Park on the southern side of Bradford with a temperature of 9°C.The usual Mallards,Coots,Tufted Duck & BH Gulls with a Herring Gull making a quick visit but it was mobbed by the BH Gulls.Good to see the pair of GC Grebes still with two Juveniles one of which flew a couple of circuits round the lake,maybe thinking of moving on.There were three Mute Swans, they all had yellow tag numbers which were 162,212 & 900.I had a walk up to the pond where the family of Moorhen we saw earlier in the year were doing well with the five juveniles nearly as big as their parents.From here I moved down the road to Park Dam, report to follow.N.P.

Moorhen Juvenile

Gt Crested Grebe

GC Grebe Juvenile

GC Grebe Juv testing its wings

GC Grebe adult & Juv

breakfast caught by the adult with the hungry juv chasing

breakfast is served in the form of a juicy fish

Herring Gull

Mute Swans at Harold Park 3/10/15

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