Saturday, 24 October 2015

Stockbridge NR, Keighley

Saturday 24th October a.m.
An overcast,dull morning with a temperature of 11°C at the BOG members Stockbridge Nature Reserve when we arrived as it was just light.There were 65 Mallards on the water which they had probably used it as their roost over night, they moved away in small numbers whilst we were in the hide.It was good to see a Juvenile Sparrowhawk on one of the bird feeding cages,but this kept other birds away only two Blue Tits were seen shortly after the Sparrowhawk had left.We were delighted when we saw a Barn Owl fly across the Resevere they are rarely seen in our area.It was also good to see a Water Rail show briefly on the other side of the water another rare sighting for the Bradford area.Others seen included Grey Heron,Moorhen and BH Gull.
Juvenile Sparrowhawk

Grey Heron

Water Rail


BOG members Stockbridge NR 24/10/2015

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