Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bempton Cliffs

Sunday 15th May a.m.
     Today we ventured further to see some different birds on the East coast
of Yorkshire at Bempton Cliffs. This is to the north of Bridlington and is a
nature reserve run by the RSPB and renowned as a nesting site for sea birds
on the massive cliff faces. When we arrived it was quite bright and thankfully
dry, the wind was quite strong but we were still able to get some great views
from the platforms. The scale of the numbers of birds and size of the cliffs is
breathtaking and a brilliant place to see the thousands of nesting birds. How
they manage to stay on the sheer cliff face on their tiny ledges is amazing.
The bulk of the birds we saw were Gannets,Guillemots,Kittiwake and
Razerbills. We did spot some Herring Gulls and the Puffins we saw tendered
to be swimming in the sea which is some distance from the top of the cliffs,
but using the binoculars they could be seen. There was also a video link in
the visitors center showing some Puffins on the cliffs. Some snaps below,
will post some more later.

Various birds on the cliff

Bempton Cliffs

Bempton Cliffs




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