Monday, 2 May 2011

Ogden Water

Monday 2nd May a.m.
     We went to Ogden Water this morning, it was another fine sunny day, a bit windy
with the temperature around 9°C. We went down to the water and immediately saw two
Grey Herons on the far shore, as we walked round there were a number of Mallards
on the edge of the receding shore line, we counted 45 in total, with a couple having
chicks. We saw a few Warblers and heard many more, we counted 8 Canadas. When
we had walked round to the far shore we got a better look at the Grey Herons. We
then went and sat near the bird feeder hoping to see some Tits feeding but saw a Song
Thrush singing loudly in a tree nearby. As we sat a bird landed on the fence below, it took
us a minute to realise it was a Jay, which was joined by another one staying long
enough for a few snaps. An enjoyable walk with some good bird sightings.
Ogden Water

Pair of Mallards

Grey Heron

Grey Heron taking off

Song Thrush

Jay 1A

Jay 1B

Jay 2

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