Saturday, 7 May 2011

Chellow Dene Reservoirs

Saturday 7th May a.m.
    After early morning rain it was a cloudy start with the temperature
around 13°C. We set off through the woodland from Haworth Road heading
for Chellow Dene Reservoir. There were a number of birds singing in the
trees and we saw a Thrush on the nearby golf course along with Robins,Blue
and Great Tits,Chaffinch and Dunnocks. On the Reservoirs we saw 15 Mallards,
5 Canadas,3 Tufted Ducks,2 Moorhen and 4 Coots one pair having 4 chicks.
It was a good walk with some birds to watch.

Chellow Dene

Chellow Dene

Canada Goose

Tufted Duck


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  1. When was the water fountain removed from the lower reservoir