Sunday, 22 May 2011

Redcar Tarn Keighley

Sunday 22nd May a.m.

 This morning there was a strong wind blowing up at the Tarn with some heavy
showers about 8°C, but there was also some sunny intervals. There were the usual
Mallards about 30 a few with chicks at different ages, 16 Tufted,14 Black Headed Gulls,
2 Lesser Black-backed. There were 10 Coots again a couple with chicks on their nests
built with large sticks on the water and 2 Moorhen. There were around 20 birds flying
low over the water feeding on insects,initially we thought they were all Swallowes,but
on closer inspection decided that most of them were Sand Martins. First time we've
seen these very hard to get a snap of with them flying low at great speed and constantly
changing direction. A good start to the day and so we tried our look at St. Ives on the
way home post to follow later.

Female Mallard with her growing chicks

Young Mallard Chicks

Black Headed Gull

Lesser Black-backed Gull

Tufted Ducks

Coot with her chicks as the rain starts

Coot Chicks


Sand Martin 1

Sand Martin 2

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