Saturday, 14 May 2011

Leeshaw and Leeming Reservoirs

Saturday 14th May a.m.
Today started chilly only 6°C with bright spells and heavy showers and a strong
blustery wind. We first went to Leeshaw Reservoir near Oxenhope, there were a
few Lapwings in nearby fields with some occasionally flying over the Reservoir.
As we dodged the heavy showers we also saw 5 Curlew, 10 Swallowes,8 Mallards,
6 Canadas, 2 Oystercatchers. We also caught sight of a Common Sandpiper for the
first time, this was walking round the edge of the water feeding as it went along.As
we watched this a bird took off in the distance and flew overhead and circled the
Reservoir before flying off, through the Binoculars we could tell it was a Cormorant,
another first.
    From here we moved to the other side of Oxenhope to Leeming Reservoir, again we
saw another Common Sandpiper feeding around the waters edge. We also saw a Lapwing,
7 Mallards and 3 Moorhens. A number of Swallowes were flying over the water and the
surrounding area.

Leeshaw Reservoir


Common Sandpiper


Common Sandpiper 1A at Leeming reservoir

Common Sandpiper 1B at Leeming Reservoir

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  1. Nice pictures Danny/ Nigel. The tick list will be growing well now.