Saturday, 11 May 2013


Saturday May 11th a.m.
  On arriving at Leeming Reservoir it was slightly warmer at 7.5°C, the first birds seen were a
flock of Jackdaws. At the dam wall a bird could be heard calling & we spotted a Redshank on
the shoreline but we couldn't spot a bird calling much closer to us.Then the Redshank flew to
the other side of the reservoir and a bird flew from nearby us to the edge of the shore,it was a
Common Sandpiper. We walked along the path & got fairly close to what was two Common
Sandpipers & managed to get a few snaps before they moved further away. As we walked along
we saw a third Common Sandpiper & with Willow Warblers singing we were having an enjoyable
time.At the top end of the reservoir we could see a Lapwing on the edge of the moor & a Curlew
flew over, it then started to rain which meant it was time to go home.
Common Sandpiper

Leeming Reservoir

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  1. Cracking Common Sand with stretched wings, a belter.