Saturday, 25 May 2013

Queensbury visit

Saturday 25th May p.m.
 A sunny day with temperatures into the mid teens, on our routine visit to Queensbury
we stopped at the Raggalds Flood, hoping for an annual in the form of Ringed Plover.
It was not to be but this little gem found by NK & also well reported on by him and BS
on their blogs still provided Redshank,Lapwing & Wheatear.
2 - Redshank
2 - Mallard
2 - Lapwing
2 - Swallow
1 - Wheatear f




Raggalds Flood


  1. We've had all the goodies courtesy of the rain from last year plus the Winter snow. Normally at this time of year the water is down to about a third of what you show.

  2. It's a great little spot Nigel with some good birds making up for a disappointing year so far at Ogden, mind you with a gentle breeze & good light today it was difficult getting snaps.Shows how well you & Brian do in Queensbury's less pleasant weather.

  3. Just a day too late for the RP lads but something else will turn up soon.
    Looks like my next investment is going to have to be a Canon 50x bridge if it picks the Redshank up from the shoreline like that, beats my 100-4oomm zoom to bits with its 1200mm capacity.

  4. The good light helped today,not quite so good in poor light, but still happy with the camera,maybe not too good for flight shots, but that maybe the skill
    of the photographer as you do very well with those Brian. N.P.