Friday, 17 May 2013


Friday May 17th p.m.
 A cloudy day but at least dry with a temperature of 10°C. My dad had an afternoon off work
and with tomorrow forecast to be a wash out, he decided to go see what birds were about at
Leeshaw, here's his report.
  The top field had a good number of Canadas some of which later moved on to the water.The
Little Owl was sat on top of the wall, there were Lapwings well spread out over all the nearby
fields and Greylags were on the shoreline.Curlew & Oystercatchers could be seen & heard as they
moved around, a Grey Heron flew over the reservoir & landed beneath the dam wall on the stones.
A Cormorant flew the other way & in to the distance, there were several Mipits around one posed
briefly on top of the muck pile, a pair of Reed Buntings also showed briefly in this area.I walked
along the track at the side of the reservoir & in the field at the end there were a couple of female
Wheatears on the wall then dropping down in to the field.From here I saw a Common Sandpiper
fly to the stones beneath the dam wall, but did not catch up with it again.Pheasants could also be
seen in the distance, and there were several Swallows feeding over the water,so not too bad an
female Wheatear



Meadow Pipit

Grey Heron

Canadas moving to the water

Leeshaw Reservoir

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