Friday, 3 May 2013


Friday May 3rd p.m.
 An afternoon visit to Leeshaw with cloudy skies & a temperature of 12°C where there
were a good number of Canadas, mainly feeding in the fields but there were also a few on
the water. Oystercatchers were also moving around with one pair mobbing a Carrion Crow,
a Redshank landed on a post where it stayed for a while which was handy for a few snaps.
A male Wheatear was again around the muck heap,I suspect by its behavior its the same one
hanging on whilst others have moved on. A few Curlew also moved nearby the reservoir and
a several Greylags rested near the edge of the water.
53 - Canadas
6 - Greylags
5 - Oystercatcher
14 - Lapwing
1 - Redshank
3 - Curlew
1 - Wheatear
plus others




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