Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Low Wood, Keighley

From Monday May 27th a.m.
 On our way back from Redcar Tarn we decided to visit Low Wood an area of woodland
which is a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve.The track leading here is uneven and so
care is needed in the car but we took our time going down to the small car park near the canal.
This lies near to Riddlesden Golf course with Keighley Golf course on the other side of the canal.
We went into the the woodland along the path towards the Nature Reserve and as we hoped we
were surrounded by a sea of Bluebells, a marvelous sight and smell with their scent filling the air.
We saw a GSW briefly fly past & we think into a hole in a tree, we also heard Chiffchaff singing.
After enjoying our stroll through the Bluebells we went across the canal and walked along for a while
seeing a couple of Chiffchaffs, one posed for us for a while giving us the chance of a few snaps.The air
in places was full of the smell of Garlic as some Ramsons(Wild Garlic) was in full flower.There were
two female Mallards on the water each having chicks 4 & 8.A Moorhen was on the other bank of the
canal & as we walked back to the car a couple of Swifts flew over head.


Mallard with eight chicks

Ramsons, Wild Garlic

path through the Bluebells

Low Wood a sea of Bluebells



  1. Cool pics of the Chiffhcaff!

  2. Again great shots, never heard of Low Wood but looks a nice spot.