Friday, 10 January 2014

Cononley Ings

Friday 10th January p.m.
 This afternoon I tried out a new site near the village of Cononley which is on the
other side of Keighley on the road to Skipton.This area is called Cononley Ings &
is an area of low lying meadow near the river Aire which often floods in winter.After
seeing reports of large numbers of Wigeon here after all the recent rains I thought I'd
give it a try.
  I parked up in Cononley village & headed down a track towards the site seeing plenty of
birds as I went including House Sparrow,Blue & Gt Tits,Chaffinch,Dunnock & Pheasant.
The track goes across a busy railway line so great care is needed when crossing it.The trail
as I went became muddier & in parts submerged under water, so it was hard going. I walked
for a mile or so before coming to the flooded areas.Some were full of BH & Common Gulls,
but then I saw Mallards & Wigeon,Lapwing,Pied Wags & a couple of Mute Swans.As I was
looking at the birds I also spotted the bonus of a Shelduck before heading back through the
mud & water.Wellies are a must for the route I took.
 As I went I bumped into another birder who told me there were Teal among the Wigeon, these
I had missed but looking through my snaps I found a Teal, so another tick.N.P.

Lapwing & Teal

Wigeon & Mallard

Shelduck,Lapwing & Gulls

Cononley Ings

Distant views at Cononley Ings


  1. A place I often think of visiting, used to go there many moons ago. You got some really decent birds today.

  2. It's certainly a good spot for birds but I did find it hard going getting to the site.
    Wellies are a must I think.N.P.

  3. Always been a top wildfowl spot and good for the waders shortly