Friday, 10 January 2014

Cullingworth Pinkies

Friday 10th January p.m.
 A decent day today with some good spells of sunshine & a temperature of 6°C.
My dad had an afternoon off work so here's the first of his reports.
I had just finished topping the bird feeders up & straight away there were a couple
of  Goldfinch on them quickly followed by a male Bullfinch.As I was watching these
I glanced up to the sky & from our back door I saw Pink-footed Geese heading
West away from me.A quick dash for a camera & I managed a couple of record
pictures as they moved away.I estimated around 75 birds in the skien, a first for
Danny & I this year & also for our Cullingworth list.Time approx 12:30.
 As I headed out along Haworth Rd around 30 minutes later I saw another skien of
Pinkies again heading west roughly parallel to the road.I stopped the car & grabbed
my camera & got some pictures as they moved passed c100 of them this time.N.P.
Pinkies taken from the back door

Skein two taken from Haworth Rd,Cullingworth 

A great sight as Pinkies move past.

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