Sunday, 5 January 2014

Yeadon Tarn

Sunday 5th January a.m.
 On arrival at Yeadon Tarn it was a much brighter morning with a temperature of 2°C.
There were good numbers of birds on the water which included 24 Goosanders which
is a record for us here.A small flock of Redwing landed in a tree near the road briefly
before moving on,Pochards were still present on the water along with 11 Mute Swans.
As we walked round a Pied Wagtail landed on a seat & posed for a couple of snaps,
also there were Cormorants & Gt Crested Grebes.A Kestrel briefly hovered near the
airport but soon moved off as a plane came in to land.
 We went home taking the moorland route & were rewarded by seeing a Red Kite near
Dick Hudsons pub.
c200 - BH Gulls
12 - Canadas
6 - Common Gull
10 - Coot
3 - Cormorant
24 - Goosander
4 - GT C. Grebe
1 - Kestrel
c100 - Mallard
11 - Mute Swan
1 - Pied Wagtail
8 - Pochard
20 - Redwing
12 - Tufted Duck
plus others
Cormorant drying its wings 


Mute Swan

BH Gull getting its summer hood

Common Gull

Gt C. Grebe

female Goosander

male Goosander



male Tufted Duck

male Tufted close up

Pied Wagtail


  1. Great shots, I have been up a few times as there was a report of a Goldeneye on the tarn, did not manage to see it. But I have never seen as many Goosanders up there as there is at the moment. I keep checking your blog to find out what's about as I live in Yeadon.

  2. Thanks, we saw the Goldeneye in December hopefully one will return again they do move around &
    there will be a good number at nearby Knotford Nook which may send an odd one to the Tarn.There
    must be plenty fish in the Tarn attracting the Goosanders & Cormorants, won't please the anglers though.