Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Local Walk

Wednesday 1st January a.m.
  The New Year started dull but dry although by the end of our walk there was some light
rain with a temperature of 3°C.We headed with the dog through the village seeing Blackbird,
Collared Dove,Jackdaws,Magpie,House Sparrow & Starling as we headed towards Hallas
Lane.As we went down here we added Blue Tit,Great Tit,Woodpigeon,Carrion Crow,BH Gull
& Wren to our New Year's list.Then just before entering the wood we saw four Mallards fly
across in front of us, in the woods there seemed to be Grey Squirrels everywhere we looked
and the dog pulled towards them when they appeared, a couple of Jays here were good to see.
We stopped at Hallas Bridge & searched the beck but no Dipper today, there were more Mallards
on the small pond.
 We headed through the woods but only managed to add a Robin here, we came out of the wood
& across the field to Cow House Beck, it was very muddy here so we were glad that we had our
wellies on.We headed across the fields seeing many more Blackbirds & Gt Tits,then heading down
the valleytowards us we saw a flock of 30 Canadas & we got a bird snap at last.
  As light rain began to fall we joined Bingley Road & headed home.
Hallas Beck

Cow House Beck

Canadas on the move

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