Saturday, 11 January 2014

Harold Park

Saturday 11th January a.m.
 After some early rain it gradually brightened up producing some good sunshine later in
the morning, chilly though at Harold Park just 2.5°C.We arrived seeing good numbers
of BH Gull,Mallards & Coots with others including Moorhen,Mute Swan,Common Gull,
Tufted Duck & G.C.Grebe.
 We walked up to the small pond which unusually held 23 Canadas, also in the tree tops
we saw a Song Thrush & a couple of Mistles.Also in this area we saw other common
species & a charm of Goldfinch.Then high up in a tree we spotted a couple of Redwings
which were soon joined by others moving around,we counted 20 in all. We were happy
with a good selection of birds seen & so we moved down the road to Park Dam.
Report to follow..

Mistle Thrush



Gt C. Grebe

Gt C. Grebe in winter plumage



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