Monday, 10 February 2014

Dowley Gap

Monday 10th February p.m.
 With another afternoon free & Danny at school again I decided to make the most of
a dry afternoon with some sunshine & a temperature of 4°C.I headed for Dowley Gap
to have a walk along the canal where there are usually a good selection of birds to see.
The first seen were Redwings near the parking area then two Mute Swans,Greylags &
Mallards on the canal.Also seen were Jay,Blue,Great & LT Tits,Mistle Thrush,Greenfinch,
Pied & Grey Wagtails.The star though was a female Kingfisher on a branch at the side of
the canal,our first of the year, who was looking for fish so stayed while I got some Photos.
It was great to see her dive in to the water & catch a fish which she moved back deeper in
the branches to eat.
 On my way back I decided to call in at St Ives where the usual water fowl were present &
good to see a see a Coot hear again.There were several blackbirds at the bird feeding area
where it was good to get another annual with a Stock Dove.
 I went home via Harden Moor where a quick walk proved very light on bird life where the
best on offer were some Goldfinches, there were also a couple of  Pied Wagtails in a distant
field.I did have the bonus of seeing a Fox which seemed to be on the look out for Rabbits
which are plentiful here.N.P.
female Kingfisher

Kingfisher with a fish 

Blue Tit

Mistle Thrush

Mute Swans

Stock Dove at St Ives

Blackbird at St Ives

Fox on Harden Moor

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  1. Gorgeous pics! I was out yesterday too, too lovely a day to not be out :)