Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Wednesday 26th February
 A day of sunshine & showers with a temperature of 6°C, were on half term holiday
this week which meant we were able to go with my granddad to Haworth.We went up
the cobbled Main St. to a sweet shop which sells old fashioned sweets.We then went
down to the station to see some trains, there was an old steam engine which I Took a
few snaps of along with some others.
 There was plenty coal in the yard to feed the hungry engines, my Grandad was familiar
with the yard as he used to deliver coal from here to peoples houses.This was many years
ago before the advent of North Sea gas which spelt the end of these type of services.My
dad told me he could remember when all the houses had to have their gas appliances
modified so they could use the new gas instead of the old town gas.Here are a few snaps
I took today.

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