Sunday, 2 February 2014

Rodley NR

Sunday 2nd February a.m.
 After are earlier visit to Yeadon Tarn we went to Rodley Nature Reserve where the sun was
still out & the temperature had risen to 6.5°C.In the field behind the car park there were c30
each of Canadas & Greylags grazing, & further away were a flock of BH Gulls with some
Starlings.The lagoons were quiet but we did see small numbers of Teal,Gadwall,Tufted,Pochard
& Mallards with a couple of Mute Swans & Grey Herons.Several LT Tits were on some feeders
next to the path.
 We went up to the feeding station where we got chance to take a few snaps of Tree Sparrow,
Bullfinch,Chaffinch & Reed Bunting,others seen were Redwing & Greenfinch.We headed back to
the car seeing a Fox run across the field nearby sending the gulls in different directions.
male Bullfinch

female Bullfinch

Grey Heron

LT Tits

Tree Sparrow

female Reed Bunting

male Reed Bunting

male Chaffinch

Fox on the run

pair of Bullfinches

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  1. Great set of photos, good to see the birds in the sun for a change.