Monday, 3 February 2014

More from Rodley NR

From Sunday 2nd February
 As we were looking at the birds on the lagoon yesterday we saw one that stood out among
the Tufteds it was white above the bill leading us to think female Scaup.It was some distance
away so we were not certain looking through are snaps it looks right which would make it a
first for us.On another picture there is a bird that looks like a possible male but that's maybe
being a bit hopeful, any thoughts welcome.
 Here are the snaps with a few more from yesterday.
female Scaup

Pochard front,female Scaup back,possible male Scaup right?

Reed Bunting

Chaffinch & Bullfinch

female Bullfinch

male Bullfinch


  1. A great find with the f Scaup, well done. I'm not sure about the RH bird, as there is the slight hint of a tuft on right of it's head.

  2. Thanks Nigel, I thought I was pushing it with the bird on the right.