Saturday, 15 March 2014

Leeshaw Reservoir

Saturday 15th March a.m.
 A cloudy morning at Leeshaw with a strong blustery wind making it feel colder than
the 7.5°C temperature.There was very little on the water when we arrived but the
surrounding fields once again held good numbers of Canadas & Greylags.Oystercatchers
were on the dam banking, these kept moving position & at one point we had five on top of
a wall together.Curlew were seen & heard & we also saw a pair of Redshanks for the first
time this year. One of them posed briefly for a snap in the same place the Oystercatchers had
been earlier.Lapwings were also in the surrounding fields where we also saw Pied Wagtails &
a Cormorant circled the reservoir before taking a dip in the water.There were two Little Owls in
their usual spot which wraps this report up.



Little Owl


unusual to have five Oystercatchers together

Canadas at Leeshaw 15/3/2014


  1. Nice Cormorant in courtship plumage.
    Good shot of the 5 Oyks and nice to get Redshank back

  2. Thanks Brian, Redshanks a good three weeks earlier than last year, mind you we had a lot of snow this time last year.

  3. Some smashing photos Danny. Like the Redshank with the similar coloured background.