Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lower Laithe Reservoir

Saturday 15th March a.m.
A cloudy start with a strong blustery wind & a temperature of 7.5°C as we arrived the
other side of Pennistone Hill from Leeshaw Reservoir at Lower Laithe Reservoir.This
lies near the villages of Stanbury & Haworth, we had decided to try our luck to see if
the reported Pintails were still here.We didn't see them but they could have been at the
top end out of view.We were not disappointed though as we did see a Shelduck,a pair of
Goosanders & Oystercatchers.As we were walking back up the hill a couple of male
Pheasants also made an appearance before we headed back over Pennistone Hill to Leeshaw,
our report will follow...


male Pheasant

Lower Laithe Reservoir

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