Monday, 24 March 2014

Local Walk

Monday 24th March a.m.
 A cold frosty start with temperatures below zero but brightening to a sunny morning with
clear blue skies & rising temperature.Back to school for me but my dad had a days holiday so
he made the most of the weather for a days birding. Here's the first of his reports...
 I took the dog for a walk on the Northern Trail over Hewenden Viaduct seeing Four Gt C Grebes
on the reservoir below.These disappeared as a fisherman moved along side the reservoir into his spot. At the other side found a pair of Treecreepers, always hard to get a picture of these as they keep moving but managed a few today.It was good to see some early blossom on some trees & a Dunnock was singing making for a good picture.A Chiffchaff was also singing in this area briefly but I
couldn't locate it.
 Moving near the reservoir there was a pair of Goosanders sunbathing on the banking at the edge
of the water & four Cormorants were on the water with a Mute Swan & several Canadas.Also here I first heard & then saw a Curlew fly over which was repeated on my way back.Into the wood where
I saw a couple of GSWs, at the other side there were plenty Jackdaws about & also another
Chiffchaff singing.I managed to locate it this time but it wouldn't keep still long enough for a good picture but I did get a record shot among the "PussyWillow". The Cormorants were now perched in the trees at the top end of the reservoir, some distance away but I got a record shot of one of them.
 We, me & the dog that is,retraced our steps & went under the viaduct where some Jackdaws were making a fuss.They were upset by a male Kestrel perched high on the side of the Viaduct on what
looked like a large bolt.They pestered it & off it flew.
 Very quiet on our way through the wood to Hallas Bridge only Chaffinch,Wren & a Grey Heron flyover was seen.No Dipper today but can't complain many birds seen during a great walk, home for a short rest then off to find some different birds.

male Kestrel perched high on the Viaduct





Cormorant moved to a perch in the trees

male Goosander

female Goosander

Goosanders on reservoir banking

Hewenden Reservoir & Viaduct


  1. Cracking photos and a good report Nigel. Im jealous of the Treecreeper photos.

  2. A beautiful area for birding and walking.

  3. Thanks,I was pleased with the Treecreeper shots Brian, always some luck needed to get them N.P.

  4. Danny - I made a request on the Gannets page - did you see?