Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Redcar Tarn

Tuesday 25th March
 A poor day today with mist & rain, so its good my dad made the most of yesterdays conditions
to do plenty birding, here's his final report from an afternoon visit to Redcar Tarn.
 Still plenty Gulls at the Tarn mainly Black-headed but also Common & Lesser Black-backed
were also present.The usual suspects were also here Canadas,Mallards,Coots,Moorhen & Tufted
Ducks.Some Lapwings were displaying in nearby fields & it was good to see the return of two
Oystercatchers on the island.Walking round the tarn I saw six Pied Wags so I had a sit down on
one of the benches hoping they would come closer.Fortunately a couple of them did giving the chance of some good pictures, they were quite mobile though but later I got another picture of
one posing on top of a wall.Still a few Greylags here & some other common species rounding
off a busy days birding.
Pied Wagtail

Common Gull



LBB & BH Gulls with Oystercatchers

Pied Wagtail, keeping a watchful eye on things

Redcar Tarn 24/3/2014


  1. Great Pied Wag pics, nice Common gull back in full summer plumage.

  2. Some cracking shots - as usual.