Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Redcar Tarn

From Monday 3rd March
 We enjoyed our visit to Redcar Tarn yesterday in the afternoon sunshine & were able
to take plenty of snaps.We looked at the Gulls on the previous post but there were plenty
other species to see.On the water were Mallards & Tufted Ducks with some Mallards enjoying
the sunshine on the grass.There was a Mute Swan  on the island & another on the water,several
Greylags started off on the island then went for a paddle before flying off & then returning to
the island.There were some Lapwings on the island,other birds seen were Canadas,Coots,
Moorhen,Rook,Jackdaw & Robin.Also in the hedges & on the ground we saw several Dunnocks
which added more variety.



Greylags coming in to land



male Tufted Duck

Mute Swan

Mute Swan & Gulls

Redcar Tarn island 3/3/2014

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