Monday, 5 May 2014

Dowley Gap

Monday 5th May a.m.
 To round off our mornings birding we moved from Harden Moor through Bingley to Dowley Gap
where the temperature had risen to 12°C.The visit was dominated by Greylag Goslings on the canal,
there were five broods of 9,9,7,6 & 6 great to see them.The Mallards weren't to be out done they also had chicks, we counted 9.There were several Chiffchaffs singing we also saw Pied  & Grey Wags,Robin,
Oystercatcher,Jay & other common species.It was also good to see the Bluebells out in Hirst Wood & the Wild Galic both of whichs perfume filled the air.
Grey Wagtail


Greylag Gosling

Mallard chick



Pied Wag

Blue Bells

Greylags with their Goslings

Grey Wagtail

Dowley Gap

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