Friday, 16 May 2014

Leighton Moss

Friday 16th May
 I decided to make the most of some decent weather & use my days holiday for a trip to
Leighton Moss the RSPB Nature Reserve on the West coast which fringes on to Morecame Bay.
The temperature gradually rose through the day reaching 20°C in the fine & sunny conditions after
some early mist had cleared.I saw many birds walking around the reserves & from the hides,my
favorites of the day were the c50 Avocets with 12 chicks counted.I also saw 10 Sedge Warblers
in different areas which were very vocal as were Whitethroat & Willow Warbler although I only
saw one each of these.It is always good to see Little Egrets here, with other birds seen including
GSW,Nuthatch,Shoveler,Shelduck,Gadwall,Oystercatcher,Black-tailed Godwit c100 & Redshank.
Also whilst walking on the path a Dragonfly posed for a picture so I thought I better take one.N.P.

Avocet with chicks

Avocet chicks


Little Egret



Sedge Warbler

GSW after the Peanuts


A good number of Sedge Warblers were seen

Avocets guarding their chicks

Leighton Moss 16/5/2014


  1. Totally overwhelming photographs of some great birds!

  2. Just like an average day at Leeshaw !!!!
    Chuffing eck, what a stonking Sedge Warbler, must remember to get my cameras for sale on e bay.

  3. PS. Just been looking at that Sedge again and in 50 yrs of messing with cameras I have never taken a photo like that, absolutely amazing. Well done Nigel

  4. Marvelous , marvelous photos.

  5. Thank you all, your comments are much appreciated.N.P.