Sunday, 2 July 2017

Harold Park

Sunday 2nd July a.m.
A cloudy start with a temperature of 13°C with the sun coming through later in the morning.It was good to see the pair of Mute Swans still having seven Cygnets and growing well from my last visit five weeks ago.There were c60 Canadas with the usual Mallards,Coots,Moorhen & Tufted Ducks, there was also two Gt C.Grebes.Others seen were several Blackbird Juvs,Collared Dove,BH Gull and Swift.
Mute Swan Cygnet

Picture for comparison from five weeks ago

Mute Swan with Cygnet

Mute Swans with seven Cygnets

BH Gull

Blackbird Juv

Collared Dove

Coot Juv

Coot with Juv


Harold Park 2/7/2017

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