Saturday, 2 April 2011

Early visit to Leeshaw,Oxenhope and Ponden Reservoirs

April 2nd early a.m.
The sky was overcast this morning with light rain and the odd heavy shower but
it was mild around 13°C. We first went to Leeshaw Reservoir where we usually
find a variety of birds in the surrounding fields.We saw a male and female
Pheasant in the distance and later saw another two again in the distance. A little
Owl perched itself on a distant fence post,sadly out of range for my little camera.
The reservoir had arond 20 Mallards and 10 Canadas in the distance. There were
around 10 Lapwings in the fields and occasionally flying over the reservoir.Again
in the fields were some Canadas feeding along with a couple of Greylag Geese.
     We then moved on to Ponden Reservoir where there were a couple of Canadas
and about 20 Mallards, one was black maybe it was a young one waiting for its
adult plumage. As we were about to leave a couple of small Pied Wagtails
appeared who stayed just long enough for a quick snap shot.


Greylag Geese


Mallard Duck

Black Duck,possible Mallard young one

Pied Wagtail

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  1. The ducks are Hybrids Daniel,cross breeding in ducks gives off all sorts of wierd plumages. Look in your book for true Mallard colours.