Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Garden Visitors

Wednesday 6th April p.m.
    There have been more visitors to our bird feeder including a female Blackbird
sharing with a Goldfinch. A Chaffinch, which seems to prefer the scraps on
the grass and I took a picture of the sunset Monday night from the garden looking
West towards Haworth.
   Welcome Brian my first follower and thanks for your comments, tricky them
Ducks cross breeding making it difficult for me to identify them. Still all these
birds to learn about and with helpful comments like yours I'm making good
progress. The amount of different species and stages of their development means
I've alot to learn but really enjoying it getting out and about taking snaps.

Female Blackbird and Goldfinch

Chaffinch picking up scraps

Chaffinch forageing for seeds

Monday 4th April Sunset looking West towards Haworth 

1 comment:

  1. Great sunset photo Daniel, one of my favourite scenes to photograph. That small camera of yours gets some cracking photos, the Chaffinch is really good.
    Dont worry about the i.d. it all comes with experience and is part of the pleasure of birding and you,re at the right age to start.