Sunday, 3 April 2011

Local Jackdaws

Sunday April 3rd a.m.
I took a walk locally this morning and got a couple of snaps of a pair of Jackdaws
at home on a nearby rooftop. They are noisy birds which seem to have their nest
inside the chimneys. I have noticed them here for a number of years and was today
able to get a picture of them. As I was taking the picture a Collard Dove fluttered
down and nestled in the tree at the side of me. I can't decide if it was just being
inquisitive or it wanted to pose for its picture taking, it showed no intension of
moving when I started to take its picture.

Pair of Jackdaws on local rooftop

Jackdaws on chimney

Jackdaws using chimney for their home

Collard Dove posing for a picture

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