Sunday, 10 April 2011

Ogden,Cold Edge anf Flyflatts

Saturday 9th April a.m.
     After our trip to the Tarn we went to Ogden water which was fairly quiet for
birds, saw a Robin and the usual Mallards and Canadas. On the way back to the car
we heard a bird in the top of a tree which I think was a Chiffchaff.
     The sun was bright now with the temerature up to 10°C and we went quickly
up to Cold Edge Dams which was again quiet with a couple of Mallards and
Canadas. As we approached the Dam I saw a bird which stayed for a couple of
snaps, I think it was a Tree Pipit,correction Meadow Pipit. We moved on to
Fly Flatts and had a walk along the road I saw two Curlew who appeared for a
few seconds above the moor as they changed location.The lake seemed quiet
from the road.


Cold Edge Dams

Cold Edge dams

Tree Pipit, correct to Meadow Pipit

Tree Pipit,correct to Meadow Pipit

Fly Flatts


  1. A good trip round there Danny.If you walk down to Fly Flatts now you,ll get Redshank and Common Sandpiper as well as Twite.If you go let me know and Ill tell you where the Twite are.
    The Pipit is a Meadow Pipit which come in different shades of plumage depending where they come from. Bit early for Tree Pipit yet, another couple of weeks and they are hard to find, usually just fly overs but show nearly yellow breasts in summer.

  2. Thanks Brian still a struggle to ID some of these birds but I have a go which is all part
    of learning. Thanks for the birds to look out for at Fly Flatts will go again soon Danny.