Saturday, 16 April 2011

Trips to Fly Flatts, Pondon Reservoir and Trough Lane

Saturday 16th April a.m.
   We set off early this morning, it was bright and sunny 6°C and headed for Fly Flatts.
As we got higher on the moor the mist coverd the tops which was only slowly being
burnt off by the sun. We walked down to the reservoir seeing one bird which we think
was a Twite. The water and foreshore was quiet we saw 6 Mallards and 4 Canadas. As
we walked we saw one Red Grouse in the distance break cover. we headed back to the
car seeing a Kestrel hover for a miniute or so.
     We moved on to Pondon Reservoir which again was quiet we spotted 10 Mallard
and 6 Canadas. As we walked back to the car we spotted a Pheasant in a nearby field
which thankfully stayed in the open long enough for us to take a few snaps.
    On our way home we stopped and parked the car on Trough Lane and walked along
in the hope of sighting a Wheatear, we were not dissappointed. As we walked along we
caught sight of one on a grass slope in the sunshine, now 11°C. As we continued we
sighted a further four more on walls and boulders, meaning we had a great end to our
mornings birding.

Think this is a Twite

Kestrel Hovering



Wheatear 1

Wheatear 2

Wheatear 3

Wheatear 4

Wheatear 5A

Wheatear 5B


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