Thursday, 21 April 2011

Village Walk

Thursday 21st April
A warm sunny day with the temperature reaching 22°C as the Easter holidays
get into full swing. As I walked round Cullingworth village there were alot of
birds enjoying the sunshine these included Starlins,Blackbirds,Collard Doves,
Jackdaws,Magpies,Swallowes,Great Tits,Blue Tits,Goldfinch,Crows and House
Sparrows. I took a couple of snaps along the way. When I got home the Goldfinch
were still making use of the bird feeder. Hope this weather keeps up, the forecast
looks promising.Happy Easter!

Pair of Starlings

Blackbird with a tastey meal

Great Tit

House Sparrow female


Goldfinch still using the bird feeder


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